Joella Jean Mahoney Contemporary American Painter

Commissioned Paintings and Special Orders

Custom Artwork for your Home or Office!

Commissions are welcomed and carefully customized to the collector’s desire. Subject matter, size, colors, etc. are all designed specifically for each individual collector’s need.

Mahoney paints two versions of the chosen motif so that the collector has a clear choice. Collectors are always thrilled with their custom painting.

Fair trade price is to $1,700 per square foot. Contact Joella anytime to discuss your one-of-a-kind project.


“Beauty is a necessity, because in the presence of beauty I experience wholeness. It is my wish that people will share the fact that life is a miracle; everything is a miracle. For me, being in the presence of beauty reminds me to strive to be the best I can be.”

~ Joella Jean Mahoney




“The paintings of Joella Jean Mahoney are to Northern Arizona what the paintings of Georgia O’Keeffee are to Northern New Mexico.”

- Fred Duval, Attorney, Phoenix, AZ (President Emeritus, Arizona Board of Regents)

“Joella Jean Mahoney’s paintings are the best examples of Arizona landscapes every produced ... they are unique, beautiful and perfect. Often copied, never well. If I were to have one painting of Arizona, it would be by her.”

- Fran Elliot, Director, The Sedona Arizona Historical Art Museum

“Once in a great while there comes along an artist whose vision is so clear, whose sensitivity and expression resonates with just about everyone who encounters his or her art. Joella Jean Mahoney is one of these artists.”

- George Palovich, Curator, West Valley Art Museum, Surprise, AZ