Joella Jean Mahoney Contemporary American Painter

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Joella Jean Mahoney

Joella Jean Mahoney Documentary by Tom & Jean Ascher





Passionate Vision - Paintings of the Colorado Plateau






Recent Exhibit - 9th Annual CowGirl Up

Cowgirl Up 2014 - Art from the Other Half of the West

Invitational Exhibition and Sale

Desert Caballeros Western Museum
Arizona’s Most Western Museum
Wickensburg, AZ






Recent Exhibit at The Sedona Arts Center:

SAC Celebrating Joella Jean Mahoney June 7-July 2, 2013Celebrating Joella Jean Mahoney
June 7 - July 2, 2013

Once in a great while there comes along an artist who’s vision is so clear, who’s visual voice is so strong and who’s sensitivity and expression resonates with just about everyone who encounters his or her art. Joella Jean Mahoney is one of these artists.

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Joella Jean Mahoney Paintings at the Sedona Arts Center

June SAC Show for Joella Jean Mahoney

Exhibition of five mid-century inspired paintings by Joella Jean Mahoney at the Sedona Arts Center June 7-July 2, 2013.