Joella Jean Mahoney Contemporary American Painter

There Too - Painting by Joella Jean Mahoney

“Two In One” by Joella Jean Mahoney


Joella Jean Mahoney

Contemporary American Painter

Passionate Vision

“Upon arriving in Arizona in 1951, I became enthralled with the matchless beauty of the Colorado Plateau landscape.”

“This is a land of dramatic color, powerful landforms, and seemingly endless space. It awakened my quest for endless possibilities for ideas and adventures.”

“Art making is my life work. I paint all subject matter. My landscapes are meant to honor the earth.”

For those seeking to understand the power of the Southwest Landscape, Joella Jean Mahoney’s paintings are important, for they provide the viewer with a sense of place not found elsewhere. Mahoney’s large, dramatic landscapes in oil, inspired by the vividly colored terrain of Northern Arizona and Southern Utah, have earned praise for their lambent color and relentless space. Her subject matter fuses the geological, the emotional, and the spiritual.

Mahoney has an M.F.A. in painting and drawing from Claremont Graduate University in Claremont, California. She is Professor of Art Emerita, University of La Verne in La Verne, CA. Mahoney’s work is internationally known through the Art in the Embassies Program, sponsored by the U.S. State Department. Her work has been in numerous exhibits including an annual New York show and 50-year retrospectives at the Kolb Museum, West Valley Art Museum in Phoenix, AZ, Museum of Northern Arizona, Flagstaff. Her paintings are held in many public and private collections.

Mahoney is a lifelong painter and has her home & studio in Sedona, AZ. Her vivid, powerful, large scale paintings are exhibited nationally and internationally. Twenty-year and forty-year retrospective catalogs are available.



“The paintings of Joella Jean Mahoney are to Northern Arizona what the paintings of Georgia O’Keeffee are to Northern New Mexico.”

- Fred Duval, Attorney, Phoenix, AZ (President Emeritus, Arizona Board of Regents)

“Joella Jean Mahoney’s paintings are the best examples of Arizona landscapes every produced ... they are unique, beautiful and perfect. Often copied, never well. If I were to have one painting of Arizona, it would be by her.”

- Fran Elliot, Director, The Sedona Arizona Historical Art Museum

“Once in a great while there comes along an artist whose vision is so clear, whose sensitivity and expression resonates with just about everyone who encounters his or her art. Joella Jean Mahoney is one of these artists.”

- George Palovich, Curator, West Valley Art Museum, Surprise, AZ